I am not offended

by MC Poetry

I am not offended by Jason’s choice of Halloween attire.
Historically, as in ancient Egypt
when they built the pyramids to store grain,
and in more recent times,
such as after I was offered a scholarship to West Point,
peoples of many cultures have appropriated the look of other cultures
as a means of camaraderie.

Posted by Ben Carson on 11/10/2015 at 3:51 PM



by MC Poetry

I have to admit that the Beach Boys was my first album I bought.
Strange since for years I thought it was the Beatles first album,
but then I remembered Surfin USA,
I think it was called.
I was so cool in Ohio where I was from.
I got to go to California to visit my big sister
and got a skateboard and some really nice clothes which I took back.
Nobody knew what to think as I skated around my little town.
Everybody thought I was an idiot. But
I was in Huntington Beach and everybody there
wore surfing clothes and rode skateboards.



Off Kilter

by Verse A. Phile






It was announced

   on August 28,


         that Off Kilter’s final

performance at


      would be September 27,



They were replaced


      a lumberjack-inspired


   at the

      Canada pavilion.