Bane != Bain

by MC Poetry

Is it true that John Sununu snapped?
And is it true that where Mitt Romney keeps his money they call each other chap?
“Oh it’s true, it’s damn true”, PANICK!!!, is the extreme right backing the wrong elephant?
Rush, tell Mitt to attack Solyndra, or Fast & Furious, or just keep saying your taxes aren’t relevant.

Speak truth to power.

Mr. News



Who Knows?

by MC Poetry

Not real sure who Usher is?

Is he a singer?

Music producer?



In One Month’s Time

by Verse A. Phile

The cycle of the moon and of the menses
have nothing much on us whose words pierce
the hearts of internet users everywhere, well

at least the six or so who grace our site
through (and true) one-twelfth of the year, that is to say

those dedicated viewers who peruse our pages
with care, as an origamist carefully tucks
in the wings of a paper bear, perhaps

some concrete facts will elucidate my words…



OK, now where is that part that shows
how many persona, bros and hoes, blah blah blah…





Ah, what faithful viewers flock to see our
words so cocked and shot with…

hold up



<========WTF do yonder numbers read?

<====How less than one 1 can time spent be?