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Off Kilter

by Verse A. Phile






It was announced

   on August 28,


         that Off Kilter’s final

performance at


      would be September 27,



They were replaced


      a lumberjack-inspired


   at the

      Canada pavilion.



Who was a better guitarist: Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix?

by Verse A. Phile

Just seen Hendrix play

   on some YouTube videos –

are there any experts

      who can tell me who

was better Jimi

   Hendrix or Eric Clapton?


I’ve played guitar my whole life, and

I’ve spent hours upon hours learning some

of Jimi’s, Eric’s, and SRV’s songs,

and I would say that Jimi’s sound

is the most difficult to reproduce. …

A fourth great guitarist that

I think deserves some discussion is

John Mayer. …

I wish there were 10 young guys

at the level of Mayer, but unfortunately

it’s a dying breed.

Brett Johnson

As Quora User mentioned,

      it’s an unfair kind of a question.

Quora User, Stanford University


The response that this answer got showcases

one of the few things or questions that can never be solved.

Before someone actually answers this question,

one has to check if they are comparable on a certain

fundamental level In my humble

opinion, they are not.

Tanmay Kacker, Theoretical Physicist, Programmer, Blues guitarist and a wanderer

That is almost an unfair question.

   It is genius against

natural genius.

      I feel most will say Hendrix.

Quora User, Food, Drums, and Sports Business


As usual in these discussions,

Peter Frampton

has been overlooked.

Susan Milbank

   Jimi Hendrix all the way; there

is no comparison between the two.

      Clapton survives in music because he

   plays an, “open G,” tuning.

Look up

      Open G

   to understand

why this is

sort of

a cheat in the music world.

Quora User, Bored with Quora


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Pleased to Meet You

by MC Poetry

Oh my god.
Copyright infringement.
This “Neptune” takes ‘Sympathy for the Devil’
and calls it a remix.
The only thing that is different is the music,
but barely that. You can’t call it a remix
if you leave the goddamn vocals the way they are.
If any one pays money for this pitiful waste of talent,
then I think they need to check out the original score
by Rolling Stones.
Not wasting my time in pirating this even.

I agree with your previous statement Super Ben
if you haven’t deduced that yourself.